James Peter - A Twist of the Knife

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Автор: James Peter
Название: A Twist of the Knife
Жанр: Мистика
Издательский дом: Macmillan
Год издания: 2014
Peter James’s first novel-length collection of short stories. These include all the stories in Short Shockers 1 & 2 plus many new ones.With each twist of the knife, a chilling new journey begins... From a woman intent on bizarre revenge, to a restaurant critic with a morbid fear of the number thirteen; and from a man arranging a life-changing assignation, to a couple heading for a disaster-filled vacation...In multi-million-copy bestselling author Peter James’ collection of short stories we first come to meet Brighton’s finest detective, Roy Grace, and read the tale that went on to inspire ...


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James Peter
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