Jong Erica - Fear Of Flying

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Автор: Jong Erica
Название: Fear Of Flying
Жанр: Эротика
ERICA JONG’S GLORIOUSLY WICKED, SEXY NOVEL ABOUT THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE FOR A WOMAN…“A PASSIONATE NOVEL… the body wanting sex, sex, sex and love and safety, comfort; the mind wanting freedom, independence, the power to work, to write… very alive and real. It is wonderfully funny and sad, witty and agonizing, brilliant, sensual, serious.”-Hannah Green“The heroine is as sexy as Tom Jones and as outspoken about her sexuality as Portnoy was about his!”– Cleveland Plain Dealer“FOR AN EXHILARATING FUEL-BURNER, A BLAZE OF ONE-WOMAN ENERGY AND SEXUAL PLENTY, FEAR ...


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Jong Erica
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