Kapoor Deepti - A Bad Character

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Автор: Kapoor Deepti
Название: A Bad Character
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Knopf
Год издания: 2015
She is twenty, restless in New Delhi. Her mother has died; her father has left for Singapore.He is a few years older, just back to India from New York.When they meet in a café one afternoon, she — lonely, hungry for experience, yearning to break free of tradition — casts aside her fears and throws herself headlong into a love affair, one that takes her where she has never been before.Told in a voice at once gritty and lyrical, mournful and frank, marks the arrival of an astonishingly gifted new writer. It is an unforgettable hymn to a dangerous, exhilarating city, and a portrait of desire and its consequences as timeless as it is universal.


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Kapoor Deepti
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A Bad Character








Отзывы читателей

Дина, 2021-08-19 16:01:43
Такой интересный сюжет. Прочтуу "от корочки до корочки".