Keene Brian - A Gathering of Crows

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Автор: Keene Brian
Название: A Gathering of Crows
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Five mysterious figures are about to pay a visit to Brinkley Springs. They have existed for centuries, emerging from the shadows only to destroy. To kill. To feed. They bring terror and carnage, and leave blood and death in their wake. The only person that can prevent their rampage is ex-Amish magus (and fan favorite character) Levi Stoltzfus. As the night wears on, Brinkley Springs will be quiet no longer. Screams will break the silence. But when the sun rises again, will there be anyone left alive to hear?Review“ is a post apocalyptic narrative that revels in its blunt and visceral descriptions.”—


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Keene Brian
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