Keene Brian - Entombed

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Автор: Keene Brian
Название: Entombed
Жанр: Ужасы
Издательский дом: Deadite Press
Год издания: 2012
THERE ARE THINGS MUCH WORSE THAN ZOMBIESFirst time in paperback! In the long-awaited follow up to DEAD SEA, it has been several months since the disease known as Hamelin’s Revenge decimated the world. Civilization has collapsed and the dead far outnumber the living. The survivors seek refuge from the roaming zombie hordes, but one-by-one, those shelters are falling. Twenty-five survivors barricade themselves inside a former military bunker buried deep beneath a luxury hotel. They are safe from the zombies… but are they safe from one another? As supplies run low and despair sets in, each of them will find out just how far they’re willing to go to survive. Brian Keene’s ENTOMBED… when the dead walk the earth, insanity is the only escape.


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Keene Brian
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