Kiely Tracy - Murder on the Bride’s Side

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Автор: Kiely Tracy
Название: Murder on the Bride’s Side
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
Издательский дом: Minotaur Books
Год издания: 2010
Loosely modeled on Sense and Sensibility, Kiely's pleasing second cozy to feature Jane Austen fan Elizabeth Parker (after 2009's Murder at Longbourn) may be short on plot, but is well populated with lively characters, in particular genteel Southerners. The morning after Elizabeth's best friend's wedding in Richmond, Va., the bride's aunt turns up with a knife in her ribs. Many members of the wedding party are suspect, but when a diamond necklace is found in Elizabeth's room, the police focus their investigation on her. For reassurance, Elizabeth looks to "Elinor Dashwood's almost transcendental calm in the face of chaos." Armchair sleuths will enjoy following the clues up to the surprising dénouement. The most shocking thing in this fun, featherlight read is that these Southerners persist in calling the bride's grandmother by her first name without the courtesy of a "Miss" in front of it.


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Kiely Tracy
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