Kingsbury Kate - An Unmentional Murder

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Автор: Kingsbury Kate
Название: An Unmentional Murder
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
Meet Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton. She's the house-rich, money-poor keeper of the manor-and keeper of the peace…In World War II England, the quiet village of Sitting Marsh is faced with food rations and fear for loved ones. But Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton, lady of the Manor House, stubbornly insists that life must go on. Sitting Marsh residents depend on Elizabeth to make sure things go smoothly. Which means everything from sorting out gossip to solving the occasional murder…In the thick of the Allied invasion, Elizabeth is sick with worry for Major Earl Monroe. To make matters worse, people and things keep going missing from the manor-namely Martin, the elderly butler, and ladies- knickers from the washing line. Before Elizabeth can track either down, a man is found shot dead. Few will miss bad-tempered Clyde Morgan, and the police are ready to call it a suicide. But Elizabeth-s not so sure-


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Kingsbury Kate
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