Kramer Kieran - When Harry Met Molly

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Автор: Kramer Kieran
Название: When Harry Met Molly
Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
Издательский дом: St Martin'sPaperbacks
Год издания: 2010
Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he's named by the Prince regent as one of society's 'Impossible bachelors', Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: the bachelor whose mistress wins the title of 'Most Delectable Companion' gets to remain unmarried. Harry is utterly unconcerned about his status...until his latest lightskirt abandons him. Enter Lady Molly Fairbanks. Harry's childhood friend actually, 'foe' is more like it — is the most unlikely companion of all. She's attractive but hot-headed, and in no mood for games. Besides, what could the self-indulgent harry possible know about what makes a woman delectable? It's time for Molly to teach him a lesson once and for all...but will lead to "happily ever after"?


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Kramer Kieran
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