Kravchenko Pavel - Project Antichrist

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Автор: Kravchenko Pavel
Название: Project Antichrist
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Год издания: 2012
Luke Whales, host of a successful TV show and possibly the most recognizable man in the near future America, has everything a man could hope for. He is rich, handsome and recently divorced. But one day a dead U.S. Draft Marshal turns up in his kitchen, and his life of luxury comes to an abrupt end. He becomes a fugitive. Suddenly his fame is no longer an asset. Now he must elude the FBI, while searching for those who framed him for murder.When alien assassins join the chase, Luke realizes that his journey will take him a lot farther than he thought. But what he learns about the world — and himself — in the end, is beyond anything he can imagine.Although is a stand-alone novel, the way it ends definitely invites a sequel. This wasn’t my original intent, but it happened, and now it wouldn’t be right to leave the story half-told. Luke’s adventures will continue.From the Author


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Kravchenko Pavel
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