Krygelski John - The Aegis Solution

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Автор: Krygelski John
Название: The Aegis Solution
Жанр: Социальная фантастика
Издательский дом: Starsys Publishing Company
Год издания: 2011
In this, John David Krygelski’s third and perhaps most powerful novel yet, he creates a spine-tingling story of suspense, drama, and intrigue.After the only child of the President commits suicide, he proposes an institution where people who have lost all hope may enter. Aegis, intended to be a civilized alternative to suicide, is opened. There are only two rules in Aegis: no communication is allowed between the outside world and those who enter, and once individuals go in… they can never leave.Twelve years pass and what began as a noble social experiment has turned into a hideous nightmare, fraught with controversy and public outrage. Elias Charonis selected to be the first to enter Aegis and be allowed to leave. Ostensibly sent in to investigate the claims of abuse, a darker and heinous personal motive arises.With pulse-pounding suspense, takes the reader through at wisting, turning plot to an explosive and electrifying climax.


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Krygelski John
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The Aegis Solution