Lee Chang-Rae - A Gesture Life

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Автор: Lee Chang-Rae
Название: A Gesture Life
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Riverhead Trade
The second novel from the critically acclaimed —bestselling author Chang-rae Lee.His remarkable debut novel was called "rapturous" ( Book Review), "revelatory" (), and "wholly innovative" (). It was the recipient of six major awards, including the prestigious Hemingway Foundation/PEN award. Now Chang-rae Lee has written a powerful and beautifully crafted second novel that leaves no doubt about the extraordinary depth and range of his talent. is the story of a proper man, an upstanding citizen who has come to epitomize the decorous values of his New York suburban town. Courteous, honest, hardworking, and impenetrable, Franklin Hata, a Japanese ...


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Lee Chang-Rae
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