Li Qing - Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems

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Автор: Li Qing
Название: Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems
Жанр: ОС и Сети
Издательский дом: CMP books
Год издания: 2003
Master the fundamental concepts of real-time embedded system programming and jumpstart your embedded projects with effective design and implementation practices. This book bridges the gap between higher abstract modeling concepts and the lower-level programming aspects of embedded systems development. You gain a solid understanding of real-time embedded systems with detailed practical examples and industry wisdom on key concepts, design processes, and the available tools and methods.Delve into the details of real-time programming so you can develop a working knowledge of the common design patterns and program structures of real-time operating systems (RTOS). The objects and services that ...


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Li Qing
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Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems