Lin Yun - La Teoría del Color

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Автор: Lin Yun
Название: La Teoría del Color
Жанр: Культурология
Colors are key to the Chinese art of feng shui ("Fung Shway"), a system of placement whose simplicity and ecological good sense have struck such a chord recently in the West. Now Lin Yun and Sarah Rossbach, well known for their introduction to the West of feng shui, have written a fullyillustrated guide to color application in all areas of life: home, garden, clothes, food, environment, health, and fortune-telling. In LIVING COLOR readers will find not only answers to the most common color questions-what color to pick for the new sofa? What color to wear on a job interview or toclinch an important deal? What colors for romance?-but also rules for a balanced and harmonious life based upon no less an authority than Tao-the way of all living things.


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Lin Yun
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La Teoría del Color