Lukyanenko Sergei - Labyrinth of reflections

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Автор: Lukyanenko Sergei
Название: Labyrinth of reflections
Жанр: Киберпанк
Sergey Lukjanenko, 30, is one of the today's most popular Russian Sci-Fi writers. His first works were published in 1988. Currently his bibliography includes more than 40 titles of novels and short stories. The Author defines his genre as the «hard action science fiction», but all his works also have a very well defined philosophical aspect. The novel offered to your attention was written in 1997 and became the real 'cult book' of the Russian Internet.Sergey is married, he lives in Moscow.Email: sl@amc.ru Homepage: http://www.rusf.ru/lukian/ (In Russian)THE NOVEL «LABYRINTH OF ...


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Lukyanenko Sergei
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