Maalouf Amin - Disordered World

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Автор: Maalouf Amin
Название: Disordered World
Жанр: Обществознание
Издательский дом: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Год издания: 2011
In this brilliant exploration of the post-9/11 world, leading Lebanese novelist and intellectual Amin Maalouf sets out to understand how we have arrived at such disorder. He explores three different but related aspects of disorder: intellectual (manifested in an unleashing of statements on identity that allow no possibility of peaceful co-existence or debate), economic and financial (that is exhausting the earth’s resources), and climatic (the result of turning a blind eye to the consequences of rampant industrialization). Instead of seeing the current disorder of the post-9/11 world as ‘a clash of civilisations’ Maalouf sees it as the ‘exhaustion ...


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Maalouf Amin
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