MacDonald Ann-Marie - Belle Moral: A Natural History

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Автор: MacDonald Ann-Marie
Название: Belle Moral: A Natural History
Жанр: Драматургия: прочее
Издательский дом: Vintage Canada
Год издания: 2008
Ann-Marie MacDonald’s love of the fabulous is in full force with this multi-layered reworking of her earlier play, .Following her father’s death, amateur scientist Pearl MacIsaac struggles to discover the secret of her family’s past, which her father had been kept hidden with the help of the family doctor. Set in Scotland in 1899, this dark and redemptive gothic comedy is a story of family secrets that have come to life and of the birth and evolution of ideas — and truly a play of morals. Reaching out in two directions to reconcile the extremes of rationalism and romanticism, embraces a complex range of turn-of-the-century thought including Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, contemporary medical beliefs and the concept of eugenics.


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MacDonald Ann-Marie
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