Maloney Mack - Beyond Area 51

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Автор: Maloney Mack
Название: Beyond Area 51
Жанр: Документальная литература
Издательский дом: Berkley Books
Год издания: 2013
Few have ventured into the many heavily guarded, top-secret locations scattered across the earth. Even fewer have emerged with stories to tell. Yet every now and then the common man is given an illicit glimpse of something extraordinary…In , Mack Maloney explores the truths behind the many myths and legends surrounding some of the world’s most mysterious locales. From the Homestead Air Force base in Miami, Florida to Russia’s Kapustin Yar, Maloney investigates incredible reports of extraterrestrial experimentation on animals, UFOs with road rage, and other unbelievable tales beyond our wildest imaginings. Filled with fascinating, true accounts, will convince any skeptic of the infinite possibilities of what exists on, and beyond, our tiny planet.


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Maloney Mack
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