Maloney Mack - Operation Sea Ghost

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Автор: Maloney Mack
Название: Operation Sea Ghost
Жанр: Боевик
Издательский дом: Forge
Год издания: 2012
In , from Mack Maloney, a lost weapon of untold destructive power falls into the worst possible hands…Forty years ago, a mysterious weapon disappeared in the jungles of Vietnam. Now a notoriously ruthless band of Somali pirates has found it and is threatening to sell it to Middle-Eastern terrorists. The CIA, desperate to retrieve the weapon and even more anxious to keep Washington out of it, recruits Team Whiskey, a group of former U.S. military men-turned-pirate hunters, to do their dirty work.From a secret pirate lair in the Indian Ocean to the most exclusive casino ...


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Maloney Mack
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