Maresch Eugenia - Katyn 1940

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Автор: Maresch Eugenia
Название: Katyn 1940
Жанр: Военная история
Издательский дом: Spellmount
Год издания: 2010
The mass murder of 22,000 Poles by the Soviet NKVD at Katyn is one of the most shocking events of the Second World War and its political implications are still being felt today. This book draws on intelligence reports, witness statements, memoranda and briefing papers of diplomats who dealt with the Katyn massacre.The bitter dispute is ongoing between the Russian and Polish governments, to declassify the rest of the documents and concede to genocide perpetrated by the Soviets. British “Most Secret” files reveal that Katyn was considered as a provocative incident, which might break political alliance with the ...


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Maresch Eugenia
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