Matar Hisham - In the Country of Men

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Автор: Matar Hisham
Название: In the Country of Men
Жанр: Современная проза
In the Tripoli of 1979, nine-year-old Sulaiman considers the origins of mulberries. They are, he decides, "the best fruit God has created", and imagines young angels conspiring to plant a crop on earth when they hear that Adam and Eve are being sent down there as punishment. This could be simply a charming piece of whimsy invented by a child – but the time and place in which Sulaiman imagines it reconfigures the story into a tale of dissidents (angels) and exiles (humans).Sulaiman – whose adult self is the narrator of In the Country of Men – is himself the son ...


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Matar Hisham
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In the Country of Men