Mayer Bob - Dragon Sim-13

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Автор: Mayer Bob
Название: Dragon Sim-13
Жанр: Триллер
Издательский дом: Novato, CA: Lyford Books
Год издания: 1992
Military simulations occur every day without any worry or danger, right? Well, not exactly. In order to test the U.S. Special Operations Command's ability to respond swiftly and efficiently, the computer genius Meng created a simulated strike against China — "Dragon Sim 13." Meng's plan changes after the atrocious slaughter of democratic protestors in Tiananmen Square. He seeks to bring China to its knees, forcing the prevalence of democracy and launching a massive U.S. attack on the People's Republic. Now, Dave Riley, Dragon mission leader, must implement Meng's fiendish plan. Dave anf the Green Berets must infiltrate Chinese borders and execute mission "Dragon" without being detected. Can the team execute the difficult maneuver or will they be at the mercy of the unmerciful Chinese…


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Mayer Bob
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