McCabe Patrick - The Butcher Boy

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Автор: McCabe Patrick
Название: The Butcher Boy
Жанр: Современная проза
SHORTLISTED FOR THE 1992 BOOKER PRIZEWINNER OF THE IRISH TIMES-AER LINGUSLITERATURE PRIZE FOR FICTION"BRILLIANT, UNIQUE. Patrick McCabe pushes your head through the book and you come out the other end gasping, admiring, and knowing that reading fiction will never be the same again. It's the best Irish novel I've read in years." – Roddy Doyle, Author, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha"STUNNING… PART HUCK FINN, PART HOLDEN CAULFIELD, PART HANNIBAL LECTER." – The New York Times Book Review"AN ALMOST PERFECT NOVEL… A BECKETT MONOLOGUE WITH PLOT BY ALFRED HITCHCOCK… STARTLINGLY ORIGINAL." – The Washington ...


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McCabe Patrick
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The Butcher Boy