McGuire Seanan - Ashes of Honor

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Автор: McGuire Seanan
Название: Ashes of Honor
Жанр: Городское фэнтези
Издательский дом: DAW
Год издания: 2012
It's been almost a year since October 'Toby' Daye averted a war, gave up a county, and suffered personal losses that have left her wishing for a good day's sleep. She's tried to focus on her responsibilities — training Quentin, upholding her position as Sylvester's knight, and paying the bills — but she can't help feeling like her world is crumbling around her, and her increasingly reckless behavior is beginning to worry even her staunchest supporters. To make matters worse, Toby's just been asked to find another missing child... only this time it's the changeling daughter of her fellow knight, ...


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McGuire Seanan
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