Mitchell Shandi - Under This Unbroken Sky

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Автор: Mitchell Shandi
Название: Under This Unbroken Sky
Жанр: Историческая проза
Издательский дом: HarperCollins
Год издания: 2009
Evocative and compelling, rich in imagination and atmosphere, is a beautifully wrought debut from a gifted new novelist.Spring 1938. After nearly two years in prison for the crime of stealing his own grain, Ukrainian immigrant Teodor Mykolayenko is a free man. While he was gone, his wife, Maria; their five children; and his sister, Anna, struggled to survive on the harsh northern Canadian prairie, but now Teodor—a man who has overcome drought, starvation, and Stalin's purges—is determined to make a better life for them. As he tirelessly clears the untamed land, Teodor begins to heal himself ...


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Mitchell Shandi
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Under This Unbroken Sky