Mosley Walter - All I Did Was Shoot My Man

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Автор: Mosley Walter
Название: All I Did Was Shoot My Man
Жанр: Криминальный детектив
Издательский дом: Riverhead Books , Penguin Books
Год издания: 2012
In the latest and most surprising novel in the bestselling Leonid McGill series, Leonid finds himself caught between his sins of the past and an all-too-vivid present.Seven years ago, Zella Grisham came home to find her man, Harry Tangelo, in bed with her friend. The weekend before, $6.8 million had been stolen from Rutgers Assurance Corp., whose offices are across the street from where Zella worked. Zella didn't remember shooting Harry, but she didn't deny it either. The district attorney was inclined to call it temporary insanity-until the police found $80,000 from the Rutgers heist hidden in her storage ...


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Mosley Walter
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