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Автор: Murphy C. E.
Название: Wayfinder
Жанр: Городское фэнтези
Издательский дом: Del Ray
Год издания: 2011
THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE — IF IT DOESN'T KILL YOU FIRSTLara Jansen is a truthseeker, gifted — or cursed — with the magical ability to tell honesty from lies. Once she was a tailor in Boston, but now she has crossed from Earth to the Barrow-lands, a Faerie world embroiled in a bloody civil war between Seelie and Unseelie. Armed with an enchanted and malevolent staff which seeks to bend her to its dark will, and thrust into a deadly realm where it's hard to distinguish friend from foe, Lara is sure of one thing: her love for ...


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Murphy C. E.
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