Neale Terry - Jo-el

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Автор: Neale Terry
Название: Jo-el
Жанр: Ненаучная фантастика
Издательский дом: Kindle
Год издания: 2016
An odd face appears on Dave Murphy’s computer screen, informing him he’s been chosen to rescue the world. Dave (aka Jo-el) believes his computer has been hacked and it’s just a demand for money, but slowly he’s drawn into the bizarre requests from this strange individual and he embarks on a journey that changes him into the most powerful person on Earth.What is the catastrophe facing the planet? How will Dave convince the governments of the world to believe him? As he experiments with the staggering technology he’s given, he chooses a path that puts him at odds with the CIA and FBI and all the world’s most evil criminals.The computer system, sent to monitor Earth millions of years ago, communicates with Dave through a perfect, holographic image of a beautiful woman. She becomes jealous of his affairs and their relationship is strained to breaking point. Has our reluctant Superhero, Jo-el, made the right decisions to save planet Earth?


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Neale Terry
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