Padura Leonardo - Havana Blue

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Автор: Padura Leonardo
Название: Havana Blue
Жанр: Триллер
Lieutenant Mario Conde is suffering from a terrible New Year's Eve hangover. Though it's the middle of a weekend, he is asked to urgently investigate the mysterious disappearance of Rafael Morin, a high-level business manager in the Cuban nomenklatura. Conde remembered Morin from their student days: good-looking, brilliant, a 'reliable comrade'' who always got what he wanted, including Tamara, the girl Conde was after.But Rafael Morin's exemplary rise from a poor barrio and picture-perfect life hides more than one suspicious episode worthy of investigation. While pursuing the case in a decaying but adored Havana, Conde confronts his lost love for Tamara and the dreams and illusions of his generation.


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Padura Leonardo
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