Pea Enrico - Moscardino

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Автор: Pea Enrico
Название: Moscardino
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Archipelago
Год издания: 2004
A small masterpiece, Pea’s lyrical autobiographical novel paints a fiery and intimate portrait of an old man through the bold brushstrokes of his grandson. The passions and tensions between the old eccentric and his brothers play themselves out in mythical sketches before a vivid backdrop of the hills of Lunigiana. Moscardino, the first novella of his tetralogy, Il romanzo di Moscardino, is anarchic and haunting. Pound conducts Pea’s vernacular song, allowing images to flow from the land, the flesh, and beyond.


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Pea Enrico
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