Pearce Kate - Simply Wicked

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Автор: Pearce Kate
Название: Simply Wicked
Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
Издательский дом: Kensington Publishing
Год издания: 2009
An Insatiable Appetite…Anthony Sokorvsky’s only rule in life is not to have any, especially when pleasures of the flesh are involved. But his dark sexual pursuits have led him down a treacherous path that may cost him his fortune if he doesn’t end his recklessness and wed. His salvation comes in the form of Marguerite Lockwood. Just one day in Marguerite’s presence leaves Anthony lusting after her and fantasizing about all the ways he can bring her to new heights of delirious scorching ecstasy.The ultimate Satisfaction…When Anthony Sokorvsky offers to ...


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Pearce Kate
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