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Автор: Pierre Betty
Название: Murder.Com
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Год издания: 0101
Bud Nevers, the CEO of the Nevers' Computer Technology Company in Silicon Valley is murdered. Detective Tom Hoffman and his partner Detective Cliff Maxhimer suspect the president, Ken Weber. Their suspicion heightens when the accountant, Ryan Conners is found dead in his office in what appears an act of suicide. Further investigation proves the financial books have been tampered with and Conners was embezzling large amounts of money from the company. It appears that Ken and Ryan were in this together. Bud's wife, Angie suddenly finds herself being blackmailed by Melinda Smith, a beautiful young woman, claiming to be Bud's illegitimate daughter. To her horror Angie discovers that Marty Casales, her housekeeper of over twenty years is Melinda's mother. To unravel the twists and turns read: MURDER.COM


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Pierre Betty
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