Proulx E. - The Shipping News

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Автор: Proulx E.
Название: The Shipping News
Жанр: Современная проза
WINNER OF THE 1994 PULITZER PRIZE FOR FICTIONWINNER OF THE 1993 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FOR FICTIONWINNER OF THE IRISH TIMES INTERNATIONAL FICTION PRIZENamed one of the notable books of the year by The New York TimesWinner of the Chicago Tribune Heartland Award“Ms. Proulx blends Newfoundland argot, savage history, impressively diverse characters, fine descriptions of weather and scenery, and comic horseplay without ever lessening the reader’s interest.” – The Atlantic“Vigorous, quirky… displays Ms. Proulx’s surreal humor and her zest for the strange foibles of humanity.” – Howard Norman, The New ...


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Proulx E.
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The Shipping News