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Reichs Kathy - Bones Are Forever

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Автор: Reichs Kathy
Название: Bones Are Forever
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Kathy Reichs, #1 bestselling author and producer of the FOX televison hit is at her brilliant best in a riveting novel featuring forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan—a story of infanticide, murder, and corruption, set in the high-stakes, high-danger world of diamond mining.A woman calling herself Amy Roberts checks into a Montreal hospital complaining of uncontrolled bleeding. Doctors see evidence of a recent birth, but before they can act, Roberts disappears. Dispatched to the address she gave at the hospital, police discover bloody towels outside in a Dumpster. Fearing the worst, they call Temperance Brennan to investigate.In ...


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Reichs Kathy
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