Retzky Allan - Vanished in the Dunes

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Автор: Retzky Allan
Название: Vanished in the Dunes
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Amos Posner has a lovely house in the upscale Hamptons beach community of eastern Long Island. But recent events in Amos’s life are preventing him form enjoying it.  His employer, an international trading firm, fired him after making him the scapegoat for some shady business deals.  His wife, a highly successful Manhattan lawyer, has not taken kindly to his job situation, and their marriage is under considerable stress.  Amos is spending most of his time at the beach house, alone, and not at all happy.  So he is highly vulnerable when a beautiful woman approaches him on ...


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Retzky Allan
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Vanished in the Dunes