Romain Theresa - It Takes Two to Tangle

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Romain Theresa -  It Takes Two to Tangle  скачать бесплатно
Автор: Romain Theresa
Название: It Takes Two to Tangle
Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
Издательский дом: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Год издания: 2013
Henry Middlebrook is back from fighting Napoleon, ready to re-enter London society where he left it. Wounded and battle weary, he decides that the right wife is all he needs. Selecting the most desirable lady in the ton, Henry turns to her best friend and companion to help him with his suit…Young and beautiful, war widow Frances Whittier is no stranger to social intrigue. She finds Henry Middlebrook courageous and manly, unlike the foppish aristocrats she is used to, and is inspired to exercise her considerable wit on his behalf. But she may be too clever for her own good, and Frances discovers that she has set in motion a complicated train of events that’s only going to break her own heart…


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Romain Theresa
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