Savage Douglas - The Glass Lady

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Автор: Savage Douglas
Название: The Glass Lady
Жанр: Триллер
Издательский дом: Taylor Trade Publishing
Год издания: 2014
Rapid Response Team MemorandumTop Secret/Do Not Photocopy Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) U.S. Space Defense Operations Center, Colorado Unmanned Soviet Kvant-3 space laboratory destroyed by defective U.S. Orbital Weapons Platform. Communications inoperative. Soviet retaliation imminent unless immediate action taken. U.S. Low-power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment (LACE) — the most powerful weapon in orbit. Equipped with SECRET hydrogen-fluoride, five megawatt chemical laser, LODE 4-meter firing mirror, and Teal Ruby AFP-888 aiming mechanism. 38 degree circular orbit at 130 nautical miles FULLY ARMED AND OUT OF CONTROL. U.S. astronauts Colonel William Parker and Lt. Commander Jacob Enright to fly Space Shuttle Endeavor in mission to deactivate LACE. HIGH In event of mission failure, U.S. shuttle crew to be terminated with EXTREME PREJUDICE. Presidential briefing NOT RECOMMENDED.


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Savage Douglas
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The Glass Lady