Shepherd Lynn - Murder at Mansfield Park

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Автор: Shepherd Lynn
Название: Murder at Mansfield Park
Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
Издательский дом: Allen & Unwin
Год издания: 2010
is a witty and clever re-imagining of Jane Austen's much-loved novel . But in this , things have changed…Formerly Austen's meekest heroine, Fanny Price has become not only an heiress to an extensive fortune but also a heartless, scheming minx. Hiding her true character behind a demure facade, Fanny is indeed betrothed to Edmund, now Mrs Norris's stepson; but do the couple really love each other? Henry and Mary Crawford arrive in the country ready to wreak havoc with their fast city ways, but this time Henry Crawford is troubled by a suspicious past while his sister, Mary, steps forward in the best Austen style to become an unexpected heroine.Meanwhile, tragedy strikes the safe and solid grand house as it becomes the scene of violence. Every member of the family falls under suspicion and the race begins to halt a ruthless murderer.Funny and sharp, is simply a delight to read.


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Shepherd Lynn
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Murder at Mansfield Park