Stall Sam - 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization

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Автор: Stall Sam
Название: 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization
Жанр: Домашние животные
Издательский дом: Quirk Books
Год издания: 2011
If you don’t believe that one cat has the power to alter civilization, then you’ve obviously never heard of Tibbles (p. 12), the cat who single-handedly wiped out an entire species. Or Ahmedabad (p. 61), a Siamese kitten who sparked riots throughout Pakistan. Or Snowball (p. 14), the cat who helped to convict dozens of murderers and criminals. Or Felix (p. 155), the first cat to explore outer space.These are just four of the , and this book honors their extra-ordinary contributions to science, history, art, government, religion, and more. You’ll meet a cat who filed a lawsuit (p. 66) and a cat who was slapped with a restraining order (p. 75). You’ll meet cats who have inspired great works of literature (p. 90) and classical music (p. 102). You’ll even meet a cat who telephoned the police to save the life of his owner (p. 162). These beautifully illustrated true stories are a tribute to the intelligence, bravery, and loving nature of cats all over the world.


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Stall Sam
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100 Cats Who Changed Civilization