Stevenson Robert Louis - New Arabian Nights

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Автор: Stevenson Robert Louis
Название: New Arabian Nights
Жанр: Исторические приключения
  by Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1882, is a collection of short stories previously published in magazines between 1877 and 1880. The collection contains Stevenson's first published fiction, and a few of the stories are considered by some critics to be his best work, as well as pioneering works in the English short story tradition is divided into two volumes.The first volume contains seven stories originally called and published by London Magazine in serial format from June to October 1878. It is composed of two story groups, or cycles:"The Suicide Club""The Rajah's Diamond"The second volume is a collection of four unconnected (standalone) stories that were previously published in magazines:"The Pavilion on the Links" (1880), told in 9 mini-chapters"A Lodging for the Night" (1877)"The Sire De Malétroits Door" (1877)"Providence and the Guitar" (1878)


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Stevenson Robert Louis
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New Arabian Nights