Strugatsky Boris - Noon: 22nd Century

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Автор: Strugatsky Boris
Название: Noon: 22nd Century
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: Macmillan Publishing Co.
Год издания: 1978
The 22nd Century. Mankind is free from the age-old misery and poverty that have kept it in bondage, free to create a new world, to explore the universe, to confront the mysteries of human existence. Russia’s greatest S-F writers, Arkday and Boris Strugatsky, have produced a futuristic masterpiece of epic proportions and breathtaking vision.Two interplanetary adventurers hurtle through space at a speed faster than light, and are flung a hundred years into the 22nd century. They find themselves on a planet both like and unlike the earth they abandoned so very long ago—and so recently.


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Strugatsky Boris
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Noon: 22nd Century