Tanenbaum Andrew - Distributed operating systems

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Автор: Tanenbaum Andrew
Название: Distributed operating systems
Жанр: ОС и Сети
As distributed computer systems become more pervasive, so does the need for understanding how their operating systems are designed and implemented. Andrew S. Tanenbaum's Distributed Operating Systems fulfills this need. Representing a revised and greatly expanded Part II of the best-selling Modern Operating Systems, it covers the material from the original book, including communication, synchronization, processes, and file systems, and adds new material on distributed shared memory, real-time distributed systems, fault-tolerant distributed systems, and ATM networks. It also contains four detailed case studies: Amoeba, Mach, Chorus, and OSF/DCE. Tanenbaum's trademark writing provides readers with a thorough, concise treatment of distributed systems.


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Tanenbaum Andrew
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Distributed operating systems