Thomas Ross - Ah, Treachery!

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Автор: Thomas Ross
Название: Ah, Treachery!
Жанр: Политический детектив
Издательский дом: Mysterious Press
Год издания: 1994
Cashiered U.S. Army major Edd “Twodees” Partain is working as a clerk in Wanda Lou’s Weaponry in Sheridan, Wyoming. That is, he works there until the tall man in the lamb’s wool topcoat walks into the shop and announces that a certain secret operation that took place in El Salvador is about to hit the media fan.For Partain, the visit from the man in gray leads to an unforeseen career move. Flying to L.A., the ex-major is grilled by a woman hiding out — in a $2000-a-day hospital room — from the “Little Rock folks.” ...


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Thomas Ross
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