Thompson Vicki - A Fare To Remember

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Автор: Thompson Vicki
Название: A Fare To Remember
Жанр: Современные любовные романы
An omnibus of novelsConvincing these women he's found their matches is hardly a smooth ride for cabbie Mario Capelli…Just whistle There's no way jaded Zachary Evans will help new grad Hannah Robertson land a swishy publishing gig. What's the point? She can't even hail a cab! But Hannah knows what Zach needs to find his inner optimism. It's called S-E-X… in NYC.Driven to distraction Rachel Marlowe doesn't know a thing about her supersecretive lover Roman Brach. Sure, the sex is great. But why does he jump at every pager beep? Heck, it's enough to have him followed. Hmm. Now there's an idea…Taken for a ride No sale! Psychic Sabina Amanar is never going to sell her grandmother's Eat Village storefront, even if it is worth millions. Real-estate developer Alec Harnett predicts Sabina will cave. But first he's got to wine her, dine her… and then fall in love.


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Thompson Vicki
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