Tsutsui Yasutaka - Salmonella Men on Planet Porno

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Автор: Tsutsui Yasutaka
Название: Salmonella Men on Planet Porno
Жанр: Современная проза
This collection of marvelously off-kilter short stories – the American debut of acclaimed Japanese writer Yasutaka Tsutsui – portrays the consequences of a world where the fantastic and the mundane collide and throw the lives of ordinary men and women into disarray.In 'The Dabba Dabba Tree' Tsutsui describes the hilarious side effects of a small conical tree that, when placed at the foot of one's bed, creates erotic dreams that metamorphose into communal farce. In 'Commuter Army' -a sly commentary on the ludicrousness of war-a weapons supplier whose rifles cease functioning after just one shot becomes an unwilling conscript ...


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Tsutsui Yasutaka
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