Walker Robert - Children of Salem

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Автор: Walker Robert
Название: Children of Salem
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
INTRIGUE, SUSPENSE, AND ROMANCE IN THE TIME OF THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS A spy working for religious organizations, Jere Wakely is summoned to Salem Village Parish, where it has become obvious to church authorities that there is serious trouble. He is reluctant to return to his hometown for many reasons, not the least being that his heart is broken and he's worried about running into his former lover, Serena Nurse. During his investigation, he has no expectation that their love will be rekindled. But their renewed passion parallels a greater fire--one of terror amid the infamous Salem Witch Trials. A witch hunt in this important election year of 1692 is backdrop to a romance filled with intrigue and mystery; the history is accurate, and the truth is disturbing yet fascinating.


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Walker Robert
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