Walker Robert - Scalpers

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Автор: Walker Robert
Название: Scalpers
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
BLOOD RITESThere seemed to be no reason behind the series of grisly murders plaguing Orlando. The victims were young and old, women and men, destitute and well-off. Only two shocking similarities linked the deceased; before dying, they had been horribly brutalized..and they were all found with their scalps removed.SLICE OF DEATHMedical Examiner Dr. Dean Grant had previous success teaming with police to hunt down serial killers. But a maniac is lurking in the shadows, secretly studying the M.E.'s every move. And if Grant doesn't crack the gruesome case very soon, he could end up the next victim...(Approximately 80,000 words, the second book in the Dean Grant series.)


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Walker Robert
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