Wheatley Dennis - Evil in a Mask

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Автор: Wheatley Dennis
Название: Evil in a Mask
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
The latest of the Roger Brook stories, continu­ing his story through the years 1807-1809. Napoleon is at the height of his powers. By now he is the complete autocrat, his lust for power driving him to wage needless wars that are bleeding France white.Roger Brook, still the most valuable and resourceful of secret agents, moves amongst the centres of power of Europe and beyond: Talleyrand, Mettcrnich, the Shah of Persia, men whose decisions mark the fate of nations.But, interwoven with the historical pattern, runs the thread of Roger's passionate involve­ment with the lovely Lisala de Pombal—a woman as licentious as she is beautiful. A woman who plays her part in leading him from one desperate situation to another.


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Wheatley Dennis
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