Zandri Vincent - The Innocent

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Автор: Zandri Vincent
Название: The Innocent
Жанр: Триллер
THE TOP TEN AMAZON KINDLE eBOOK BESTSELLERTHE NO. 1 BESTSELLING HARD-BOILED MYSTERYTHE NO. 1 BESTSELLING PSYCHOLOGICAL SUSPENSE THRILLERTHE NO. 1 BESTSELLING MYSTERYGetting caught is simply not an option.It's been a year since Jack Marconi's wife was killed. Ever since, he's been slipping up at his job as warden at an upstate New York prison. It makes him the perfect patsy when a cop-killer breaks out-with the help of someone on the inside. Throwing himself into the hunt for the fleeing con, Jack doesn't see what's coming.Suddenly the walls are closing in. And in the next twenty-four hours, Jack will defy direct orders, tamper with evidence, kidnap the con's girlfriend-and run from the law with a.45 hidden beneath his sports coat. Because Jack Marconi, keeper of laws, men, secrets, and memories, has been set up-by a conspiracy that has turned everyone he ever trusted into an enemy. And everything he ever believed in into the worst kind of lie.


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  Zandri Vincent
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