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Автор: Zane
Название: Nervous
Жанр: Эротика
Издательский дом: Atria Books
Год издания: 2003
Zane’s legion of fans can’t get enough of her way of telling a juicy, sexy story. In , the bestselling queen of erotica brings us a tale of a woman with a split personality.Jonquinette has always been nervous around men, but on the weekends her alter ego, Jude, goes on intense sexual escapades. When Jonquinette seeks the help of Dr. Marcella Spencer, the psychiatrist Zane originated in her bestselling novel Addicted, Jude’s response is to go on a sexual rampage. In the meantime, Jonquinette becomes interested in her new neighbor, Mason, but Jude has no intention of letting Jonquinette fall in love—not when Jude’s having so much fun.Based on a short story of the same title from her bestselling collection , is classic Zane with an edge. So, relax, sit back. You’re in for a nerve-tingling read.


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