Бенсон Раймонд - High Time To Kill

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Автор: Бенсон Раймонд
Название: High Time To Kill
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Издательский дом: papachanjo
Год издания: 2011
It's at a dinner party with his old friend the former Governor of the Bahamas that James Bond first encounters the deadly new criminal organization known simply as ‘The Union.’ An international group, they specialize in military espionage, theft, intimidation, and murder. When information vital to Britain's national security is stolen, M and 007 suspect that the Union is behind it. Bond's pursuit of the crucial microdot takes him from one of England's most exclusive golf clubs to the frozen heights of one of the world's tallest mountains. His every step is dogged by Union assassins. Their presence alone confirms Bond's worst fear--there is a traitor in Her Majesty's Secret Service.


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Бенсон Раймонд
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